Little things in Love

I’ve been inspired by my amazing husband….

As we reach the end of this commercial month of love I have had a lot of time to reflect on my relationship with my husband. I say relationship because although we are married we are also friends, teammates, parents and of course lovers. Those are all relationships on their own in some way.

Today my loving man warmed up a cinnamon bun brought it over to me in the living room with two spoons and sat with me. We shared a sweet breakfast pastry and talked. The kids were all preoccupied with something else and for 5 minutes it was just us. It felt so warm and right at that moment. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but beside my love.

To keep this short and simple I thought about some little things that my husband and I do that remind us of our marriage, who we are as parents, as teammates, and as friends.

  • Share a sweet treat

It sure is sweet to be able to chat it up like best friends and share a yummy treat. Feed him a spoon of ice cream and smile, give her a piece of cake and wink (I MELT WHEN MY HUSBAND WINKS AT ME). Whether you are at home or in a restaurant it is a wonderful way to talk and be intimate without sex.

  • Send a love pin (my favorite)

I love pinterest and if i am not blogging or on Facebook i am usually on pinterest pinning my life away. I always find the sweetest loving quotes on pinterest. Since my husband and I started dating that i something we always did. We definitely don’t do it as often but every once in a while it puts the biggest smile on my face.

3. Ask a question that will teach you something new about your significant other.

My best friend and I were speaking about our spouses and she told me that she randomly asked her husband what kind of phobias does he have. It was something she had no idea about and she learned from that conversation. Her husband happened to have a mustard phobia and it turned out to be kind of funny because I happen to have a serious ketchup phobia (it’s intense). So it sparked my interest and now I ask my husband random questions to learn more about him. Our most recent conversation were about bucket lists, and places we’d like to travel.

4. i love you phone calls and midday how are you conversations.

the minute my husband and i began dating we could not stop talking to each other. we were always on the phone together and we’d talk about anything and everything. it has definitely slowed down since blending our family together and having the baby but we still talk midday and call each other just to say i love you. text messaging is overrated. as a wife of a firefighter hearing his voice is more important and priceless. Connect with each other through verbal conversation. hear the emotion in each others voice when you are speaking about something. sometimes talking to my husband gives me butterflies and I’m eager to go home and see him. I’ll even look in the mirror to make sure I look OK haha….

5. Learn your significant others love language (another favorite)

So you and your significant other can go to this website: and learn about your love language. its an awesome way to get to know what your spouse likes/prefers when it comes to love and intimacy(not sex). I did it with my husband last year and I found out the he likes physical touch and prefers it over words of affirmation, gifts, help etc. by physical touch i mean hand holding, hugs, a slap on the ass every once in a while ;] but seriously its a great way to learn more about the one you love and its something that can most definitely be used to get closer in your relationship !

6. Compliment and support each other’s parenting

If you are a parent it is SO hard to keep the love alive(not for all but i know i speak for some if not for myself) God put my husband and I through a real test as husband and wife AND parents. We made it and were still making it, but some days were not easy. I told myself to focus on the Good all the time. My husband is an amazing father and where I lack he is SO strong. I sometimes struggle with emotional response to my children. I am a brush it off your shoulder, SAFE!!! when they fall, if you listened to me the first time, I just cleaned this house, take your ass to bed now kind of parent VS my husband is a come here, where does it hurt, why are you sad, don’t go to bed crying, its ok, it was an accident, ill help you clean, come cuddle with daddy kind of parent. so anyway hes amazing and with the little things that i may not necessarily agree with i see that my children benefit from it 100% and its good for them and us as a family. i should probably compliment him more than i do and be more specific when i compliment him. moral of this paragraph is it feels good to know you are doing this mommy, daddy thing right and hearing it from the one you love is important.

7. With lovers, comes a best friend

confide in them. tell them your secrets, vent out the bad energy and feelings, talk to them with an honest heart. if you are on the receiving end please receive it with no judgement. so many times i found myself judging my husband for the things he would say and taking it personal or having some sort of internal conflict because it but in reality i should have just listened and then let it go because 9/10 it was him venting. this is something i am still learning and i have to practice it in my head all the time. I want to be open to receive his honest deepest truths.

8. ask for help if you need help. they are not mind readers.

ladies, no our husbands do not know we need them to bring this bin downstairs to the basement because were done hoarding little figurines or clothes we know will never fit us again. husbands…….I’ve got nothing because we usually already got you covered!! but seriously we are humans no one on earth has the same brain, emotions, or logic. SPEAK UP ……politely and nicely. just because you tied up the garbage and left it outside the garbage no one knows you want it to be taken out…. I’m only using these examples because its often said by my mom and i always say to her you need to actually verbally ask because I’m sure he isn’t aware that you want something to be done. We have to use our words the same way we want our kids to. With asking for the help and then receiving it will ease the stress and give more appreciation.

9. hello kiss, hello squeeze, hello love

image from pinterest

greet each other like you haven’t seen each other in days. greet each other like you have been longing for that kiss even if you haven’t. i bet it’ll be a good kiss. Love each other at hello and love each other at goodbye.

10. Time for just the two

It can be extremely difficult as parents to find the time, babysitter, money and energy for a date night. Try to create a date night at home. put the kids to bed a half hour early and YES….FORCE YOURSELF to STAY AWAKE! even if its for a quick cup of coffee, conversation on the couch, reading a book together( aloud, my husband and i used to do this ALL the time and we loved it). if you can get a date night out of the house choose to do different things not just dinner….and movies is AKA for a nap haha at least for me it is!

Here are some date night ideas below, you can also find more on pinterest!!!!

Well I hope you find these little things in love little ways to stay connected to your significant other!

Love and Light

mjmamaa ❤

Love Story- Guest Blog

Hey everyone! I had the privilege of being a guest blogger! My first time ever 🤗💕 hope you enjoy

Sorting Life's Issues with Jess

I met my son Kayden in 2014. He came to visit the classroom of the school I worked in at the end of April/very beginning of May and while his parents did a tour of the school him and I sat at the table to do a puzzle. He was a timid polite young boy. He was the absolute cutest kid ever and he was expecting a baby sister. On his first day of preschool he wore a red polo and khaki shorts. I remember him coming in so confident and ready to start school for the very first time.  I told his parents ” I got him but I need you to say goodbye give him a hug and quickly go out the side door, call as much as you want and I will keep you posted all day long, he’s going to do great” When his mother and…

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Mealtimes are always a struggle with my kids so this is what I decided to do…

So I’ve been inspired by my job as an early childhood teacher. I have discovered that lunch time is the most difficult time of my students day. Why? because their parents pack them things they dont eat, dont like, or they are just tired of having the same thing. I am a mother of 4 and all of my kids have different eating habits and they ALL like different things. My oldest prefers crunchy foods over chewy or soft, my oldest daughter enjoys veggies, and cheese, my third child eats manwhiches(bigg ass sandwiches), and then my one year old will not eat meat. haha! im sure some of my readers can relate when having multiple children and even just one child.

At work i decided to try a home practice of mine that when my child doesn’t like their meal they have to do at least their age of bites(good sized) and then they could be done. I as a parent am satisfied knowing that they did put something in their bellies. Unfortunately I refuse to let my child have full control over what they want to eat. Leave it up them they’ll choose fruit snacks, and chips. Now i am not perfect, i have done donuts for breakfast because you know what….i woke up tired as shit and i have circles under my eyes and “I JUST CANT” but i need to get them to school on time and with food in their system…. so yes there are times likes that.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two snacks in between are how most meals are prepared for you and your child right ? I’ve come to the conclusion that 2/4 or sometimes even all 4 of my children would rather snack than eat a full meal in one sitting. I have finally accepted it and will do what I can to make sure they still receive nutrients and proper servings.

I got tired of cooking these luxury meals and half of it, if not more going into the garbage or my children coming home with a thermos full and only their snacks gone. I opted for no more snacks but they clearly didn’t care because they would just not eat and i’d feel guilty as hell. MEALS and FOOD are such a struggle as a parent. not quite as much as bedtime but its pretty damn close.

I have been testing the waters with prepping their school lunches a little differently and so far so good!


Lunch Box 1: Yogurt, deli meat&cheese roll ups(2) fruit(cut up) and a snack you know they would absolutely love. for my kids its cheezits or gold fish.

lunch box 2: 4 chicken nuggets (could never go wrong with these!) veggies with dip, applesauce

lunch box 3: veggies with shredded cheese and dip on the side, baked crackers/chips, half of a sandwich (Pb&j, deli meat&cheese, tuna etc)

lunch box 4: get creative with wraps! bananas &peanut butter or wow butter being that many places are nut free! cream cheese with fruit or jelly, deli meat…lettuce and chicken, or even cheese quesadillas! with fruit (cut up) and applesauce or one of those fruit smoothie pouches!

I find that my kids enjoy small portions and many options to choose from. when i say small portions i truly mean ridiculously small. less food goes to waste and i have noticed a huge difference when they come home their lunch bag is empty! If your child loves warm food for lunch just don’t give them so much.

A 10oz thermos is usually the kind i get the kids for their lunches and filling that to the top with food is entirely too much. I fill it maybe half way if not a little less. we tend to forget that our babies/kids have little tummy’s and portioning their foods properly is very important.

I know as parents we worry about our kids being hungry when they come home or throughout the day but I assure you THEY ARE NOT STARVING….making sure we aren’t over feeding them is very important for their health and creating a healthy eating foundation for their future.

if you are ever looking for lunch ideas Pinterest is certainly the place to explore! I know its hard as a parent because our mind is racing with a million other things but really try to change up your child’s meals if they seem to be uninterested in what you are giving them now. It doesn’t have to be cut into stars or made into a kebab …lol trust me i get it. but giving a variety might help make it more interesting for me them.

Breakfast ideas:

waffle, yogurt and cut up fruit

eggs(however they like it for my munchkins i usually only make 1 egg) fruit toast with a spread they enjoy.

muffins (lil bites come in handy for this) fruit pouch, a yummy breakfast meat they might enjoy (turkey bacon, sausage, etc)

I do what is easy and convenient. It may not be the healthiest or most organic food but they are fed and they are feeling good. I started buying frozen pancakes/waffles/french toast versus making it all on the stove and from scratch( i used to be that extra but like i said before now “i just cant!” lol I have too many mouths too feed in the am and too many bodies to cloth to take my sweet ass time cooking a meal over the stove! (KUDOS to my parents that do though I praise you and commend you!!!)

For dinner I have started making less but more variety. I try to give my children the option of two veggies and of course meat and carb.

some things I have wanted to try are:

ham and cheese crescents,

pizza on Texas toast


I am not a perfect parent, i don’t think anyone is…and mealtimes have been a major struggle of ours as a family. I grew up in a household that demand all the food on your plate gone or you couldn’t leave the table or worse you eat it or you get nothing at all. At first i thought doing the same was the right way…but i don’t necessarily think there is a right way there is just a what works for your child to get them to eat and be healthy way. I want my kids to enjoy their mealtimes and savor their food not stress or be anxious about because they are already stressed and anxious about bed time. The least I could do is relieve some of their stress lol….kids have it hard now a days

I hope I was able to shed some light on a mealtime struggle you may have with your child/children.

love and light


Fortnite Party

Hey everyone! So this past month my husband and I have been working on our sons birthday. Our son chose to do a Fortnite themed party and for a while we racked our brains on how we should do it and how to get creative with goody bags and decorations. Thank god for Etsy and Amazon !

My husband was able to search and find many fort nite themed items and printouts to make the party a success!

So if you’d ever like to do a fortnite party here are some ideas and where to get them from :

Goody bags! And balloons (Fortnite drop boxes)

Bags were very nice but I did have to touch up the bottom with hot glue because of the Gatorade bottles and some of them were already unsticking on the bottom folds before putting any goodies in it.

Gatorade (Slurp juice/chug jugs/ shield potion) printouts

Rice crispies ( med bags and bandages) printouts- the printout was apart of the above fortnite party pack which was purchased from Etsy

Chocolate coins (Vbucks) sticker printouts- we used a google image for the v buck image

The back only comes with 33 chocolate coins !

Cake topper (customized with name and Fortnite characters)

So over all the stuff was great and not too expensive ! It was a great way to throw a Fortnite themed party !

The place we had the party supplied plates and all eating necessities but I’m sure you can find some online.

Love and light

Mjmamaa ❤️

5 “things” to do on Sunday night to help prepare you for the week ahead

  1. Take your clothes out for Monday

Whether you intend to wear sweats or business casual take your clothes out. It’s one less thing you need to do and think about on Monday. So many people already have a negative preconceived emotion towards Monday and if you are one of those people the less to think and do on Monday the better!

It also helps to get you in the habit of picking your clothes out the night before. Sometimes mornings can be hectic if you have multiple children, or you are someone that ALWAYS runs late for EVERYTHING no matter what.

2. Shower or take a bath the night before

Ladies let me tell you! At the end of the night when all is quiet and peaceful and hot shower with a glass of wine within arms reach is CLUTCH AS FUCK for a good night’s sleep. If you are able to take a bath even better. It is one of the best ways to prepare for what this week is going to bring you.

3. DECLARE your success for the week! Look yourself in the mirror and affirm what you want your week to be like

Example “I will do my hair everyday”

“I will take a deep breath every time my kids begin to scream, cry, fight with each other etc etc”

I will love my husband even when he says he’s going to do the dishes but leaves the pots “SOAKING”

Lol you get the point!

4. Pray

Pray for the safety of your loved ones and yourself

Pray for patience, clarity, and kindness of heart

Pray for strength, peace. And joy

Have a conversation with God

And for my readers who aren’t religious but are spiritual

check out the pin above!

Meditate and if you have never meditated before just sit in silence and reflect

Practice your deep breathing but take time to clear your headspace and bring it somewhere beautiful

5.  End your night with something that brings you joy

Wives it’s the perfect time to get your husbands involved *wink wink*  

But on a serious not so serious note whatever it may be, food, candy, wine, reading, and anything else that makes your heart smile do it, indulge in it.

Monday is dreaded by so many people and for so many reasons that I completely understand. A Lot of times we get anxious about what awaits us the next day. If you’re working will it be a busy day, or a relaxing day? And if you stay home what kind of children will you wake up too? Spawns or angels ? lol

I hope you finds these “things” useful and i hope you give, if not all , one of them a try!

Sending you all the love and light


Turning a ho….. home mom into a working mom

As many of my readers know I was a stay at home mom for about a year and half. Deciding to become a stay at home was not a hard decision. I hated my job at the time and when I got pregnant it made the decision 100x easier. My husband was an amazing support during that time and knew I was really struggling emotionally and physically.

After deciding to stay home the hubby took on all the money workload while i took on all the home/kid/ load. I was so excited to embark on a new unknown journey.

I have to admit I had NO IDEA how to be a stay at home mom and what it entailed.

First month or so it was great I enjoyed it. I loved being with the kids. I loved taking them to extracurricular activities and I loved our summer together. We did so much over the summer and it was a great time we spent together but unfortunately my husband was not apart of it because of the 2nd job he took on. I knew it broke his heart and I know he had a lot of built up emotion towards the situation but he was strong about it everyday. Which is why hes the fucking man!

Fast forward to after flora was born. I went a little stir crazy and suffered immensely with post partum ( another topic another day) I hated being home. I didn’t want to be a stay at home mom anymore. I needed real interaction with humans because talking to a baby and dogs all day was making me insane.

I needed to feel worthy in my marriage by contributing financially. I wasn’t being a good wife and at times I wasn’t being a good mom. I kept having mental breakdowns. So I decided I want to go back to work. I began looking and applying.  My husband was 100% on board. Like he always is with everything I do.

It took me 8 months to get an interview. 9 months to get the job and start working part time. Thankfully the hours worked perfectly with my husband and children’s schedule so I was able to still drop them off, and go to work. I even had a little me time in between.

I took it one day at a time and I began to feel alive again. I began to feel worthy. My husband and I connected with each other. There wasn’t any resentment, or exhaustion. We had finally found a balance. We were excited to come home and see each other. He was able to do pick ups and spend time with the children again. We would talk about our days and I was excited I showed emotion finally. Felt like forever since I had emotions. I was so cold for so long and so numb to my stay at home mom routine. Finally working was truly a breath of fresh air.

I believe that some people are truly meant to be stay at home moms and they are SO good at it and I praise you mommies that do it every day and LOVE IT!

Some things I lacked as a stay home mom were:

 A constant friend

Other stay at home mom friends

The will to want my life purpose to serve my children and my children only …lol jk thats most of my life now with four kids whether i work or not.

How to manage my time so that I still had “me” time, and that my husband and I could still have our time to connect and love each other.

Things I have gained as a working mom:

Getting dressed and doing my makeup for work really made me feel GREAT!!!!! yes I could do my hair and makeup as a stay at home mom but I just didn’t have the time or drive to do it.

I seem to enjoy my time with my kids a lot more ( i know i know very freaking selfish of me but they are honest feelings.)

I look forward to my weekends and my husband and I look forward to our dates so much more.

Being a stay at home mom was a wonderful scary experience. I unfortunately had more downs than ups however i don’t regret the time I spent with my kids because they were amazing during my pregnancy and they were even more amazing after their baby sister was born. My kids are so awesome and I love them so so much. I have a great squad.

I feel balanced as a working mother. The best feeling I’ve ever felt in a long time and I thank god every day for blessing me with my job. I’m doing what I love (teaching) and I’m taking care of my family.

Motherhood is such a fantastic, scary, loving, exhausting, uplifting experience all at one time. Whether you stay home or work you are everything to your children and you are doing a hell of a job!

From one mommy to another! Keep laughing, keep crying and keep them alive !

Maryjmamaa 2.0

Im Back Black Ink Crew GIF by VH1 - Find & Share on GIPHY

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!!!! Formerly known as Maryjmamaa

I am back and excited to write and share some new things with you all!

First let’s start with what happened. My computer crashed =[

Second what took so long….I got four kids lol enough said buying a new computer wasn’t in the books then.

Third… Career change. I am currently working on some lifestyle and career changes to better my future and my families future..stay tuned…

In between then and now I am no longer a stay at home mom! I am working and happy to be back at it. I went back to teaching preschool and it has been a blast.

Child number 4 also known as Flora is a ONE YEAR OLD ! time frickin flies by

My kids are awesome and doing awesome.

My husband is still the fucking man and we are blessed.

Few topics to look forward too are…

Turning a stay at home mom into a working mom

Envious spirits you thought were your friends

Food recipes and fucked up pancakes

Standing my ground as a co parent

Music and millennials

feel free to inbox me with topics!